Do you offer hosting?

For as little as £70 a year, you can host your WordPress website with Finsel-Made.

I know a bit about WordPress and would like to build my website myself. Can you help me with that?

Yes, email me your questions and we can discuss some possibilities to turn you into a WordPress wizard.

Why do you only take one project at a time?

I want to ensure that all my focus goes into one project. I work better this way and it benefits each client as they know that they have my full attention during the design process.

What does a website cost?

My price for a new website starts at £500, depending on the scope of your ideas and requirements.

What’s with the name “Finsel-Made”?

I grew up on a farm in Germany, which is called Finselmeier. Big oak trees surrounded the outbuildings. Only one of those trees is still standing. I have one sister and much to our father’s dismay, neither of us showed any interest in dabbling in the farming industry. Today, the farm is no longer a working farm and so, to tip my hat to the family business, I liked the idea of  incorporating the family name and oak leaf into my own endeavour here at Finsel-Made.